OSTIA HOLIDAY s.r.l.s. unipersonale
VAT No. 13232381007, registered in R.I. ROME document no. T176914407 of / 02/2015, registration number 13232381007

The company Ostia Holiday is designed to enclose the whole most forms of hospitality in synergy with the highest quality and professionalism. As for the arrival of new winds that are crossed to create a current unique, offering modern and innovative hospitality it focuses on the union of accommodation and short-rents.
This small tourist enterprise is created today by an entrepreneurial idea that has roots in the past. It 'was formed by a lidense doc, Federico Salamone, born and crescuito to Ostia Lido that since 2002 has been concerned with strong passion to non-hotel sector.
After having started and operated for years a Bed and Breakfast and Holiday Homes in the territory resulting in a strong customer response, it is dedicated to deepen their skills by attending courses and meetings on the sector, highly educational.
Resumed his studies and graduated in 2010, faculty of economics, bachelor's degree in economics and business management, entitled "Strategies of extralbeghiere activities: the case of Bed and Breakfast La Dolce Sosta" that immediately gets interest and praise from industry professionals and by local public institutions.
Always passion becomes as short them a specialist consultant on Rome for start up tourism, for tiling to managers houses and bed and breakfast who experience an immediate increase in customers, applying the recommended method.
In recent years, is recognized in the industry under the name of Doctor Room demonstrating the practice deserve the nickname because all the facilities with which it has had to deal are those who are now most successful and highest revenue.

Driven by the desire to increase their passion until it becomes firm, he understands that the future of hospitality is not only in the extra hotel facilities, but also in new types of short rental. Today it is managers who travel for business or tourists, choosing the capital looking for an apartment in the autonomy solution for a quality stay at reasonable prices.
Hence the idea to unite the problem of apartment owners not protected by traditional lease that do not want to face the risks of the rent, with demand growing hospitality well intercepted over the years, accentrandosi business risk and protecting both the the property owner with a contract for Property Management, is the customer who relies on experienced and professional hands to her quality stay ........
......... So was born the 28.01.2015 a Start-Up Destinations, the Ostia Holiday SRLs unipersonale to concentrate better demand and tourist offer of 'hospitality !!
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