Discover Rome by Bike 

For lovers of City Bike and Mountain Bike, Rome and its sea are one of the fascinating destinations for a perfect bike vacation in Italy. At the Ostia Holiday you can rent folding bikes to tour the Eternal City, City Bike for the Sea and the Mountains for the pinewood routes.


With the foldable you can take hre nearest metro train and go around the city center with €150 (each way) Public Transport Tiket.


The city bike is perfect for going to the beach and talking a walk on the watterfront or even in the center of Rome by takinf the metro train.

If you want to spend a sporting and relaxing holiday in Ostia, with the mountain bike you can enjoy the pine forest trails that lead directly to the sea 

Only this month, by booking a room at the Ostia Holiday, you can book your bike for € 13, by calling these numbers:


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